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Thanks to the modern D21 - Janeček method, we seek solutions most people can agree on.

Express your opinion more precisely with D21 - Janeček method

Multiple votes will better formulate your opinion. When we select single option, we only say one word. Once we can choose more preferences, it feels as if we answered with a whole sentence. By using multiple votes, we also express our willingness to agree with others.

How it works

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We connect communities and search for agreements within opinion spectrum


D21 - Janeček method in the world

The multiple vote method has been applied since year 2014 in the framework of participatory budgeting in New York, Tunisia, Zambia, France and other places across the planet.

Our Indian partnership organisation, The Foundation for Community Consensus (FCC), further cooperates in spreading our global mission. Local children are using D21 - Janeček method to divide school budgets.

More about FCC in India

We are social innovators

The team of the Institute H21 involves mathematician, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, researchers, data analysts and experts in communication and marketing. We focus on expanding our unique Method, examine its theoretical anchoring and use in practice.

That is because we believe that when one comes up with something wonderful, they should not keep it to themselves. Especially when such an invention can prevent the division of society or directly contribute to its greater cohesion.

How did it start?

Read about how the idea of our method saw the light of day.

Surveys and analyses

Check out key findings from testing D21 - Janeček method in practice.

Our team

Find out more about our team and core values driving the Institute.

More than 753,901 people have already found common ground thanks to the unique D21 -
Janeček method

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