D21 - Janeček method

D21 - Janeček method

Thanks to the modern D21 - Janeček voting method, we seek solutions most people can agree on.

Benefits of our method:

D21 - Janeček method is a modern voting and electoral method making any group decision more effective. It enables casting multiple votes, and in certain cases, also a minus vote. Multiple votes enable us to express a wider scope of preferences, thereby reflecting the complexities of social choice more accurately.

How it works

The basic prerequisite of D21 - Janeček method is that the voter always has more votes available than the number of existing winning opportunities. All votes have the same value. The voter can, but does not have to, use all of them. Multiple votes cannot be accumulated: a candidate can receive only one vote from each voter. To cast a minus vote, it is necessary to distribute at least two plus ones. The number of plus and minus votes in this system may change according to electoral context. Modifications always occur according to the basic algorithm, whose author is Czech mathematician and social innovator, Karel Janeček.

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Our unique Method provides a novel perspective on traditional electoral systems with one vote. Multiple positive votes capture overlapping preferences that highlight the candidates with the broadest support. The negative vote shows candidates or options that voters disapprove of. The combination of plus and minus votes uncovers controversial possibilities.

Development of the method

This method has been tested globally since 2014. We have two objectives: to innovate one round electoral system, and to develop interactive digital platforms that enable secure voting and analysis of the results in real time. The principles of the Janeček voting system were consulted with researchers at universities in Cambridge and Stanford, and Masaryk University. Voting behaviour in this system has been already tested in four field surveys. D21 - Janeček method has been successfully applied in Europe, the USA, India and in Africa, mainly in the participative budgeting projects in schools, cities and other municipalities. For example, you can read about the successes in using our method in India here.

D21 - Janeček method is an innovative voting method that has the potential of working as a full-fledged electoral system. Research projects conducted so far have indicated that introduction of this method in politics could promote citizens’ interest in politics, and thereby increase voter turnout. The effects of D21 - Janeček method on voting behaviour and political campaigning are a current subject of our research.

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