New way to reach (global) consensus: IFD21 at Ethfinex Governance Summit

IFD21 was invited to Lugano in Switzerland for the first ever Ethfinex Governance Summit. Our contribution was about the Janecek method and its advantages in finding consensus in decentralised communities, such as the blockchain community, that met at the Summit. The participants were really interested in the topic, despite the fact that it was a bit outside of the blockchain oriented scope of the Summit but closely linked with the Governance element. We have met new interesting partners and are looking forward to new ventures with them.

On behalf of IFD21, Petr Bouška presented how our voting system can help foster better decisions and why it is important to work together towards a global society and find global answers to global problems. We have also done a poll using our platform during the Summit where attendees were asked to respond using Janecek method on 1) global priorities 2) most promising cryptocurrencies and 3) topics to be debated during the third day of the conference.

The Summit was an opportunity for us to exchange and generate many valuable ideas, such as using blockchain for polling with our voting method, or at least as a safe repository of data from global poll we are planning to launch. Also, we have had many interesting discussions and created new connections in the decentralised space.

During the first two days we had the opportunity to see a range of fascinating speeches and presentations about progress towards distributed governance, and tools that are being developed, as well as having the chance to participate in two interactive and thought provoking panel discussions. On the final day Ethfinex held the first ever token holder “board meeting” for the Nectar token (NEC) community members.

For more information about the Summit please visit their website. Watch the video of IFD21 presentation here.