IFD21 poll at the Human-Level AI Conference

The development of general Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important themes for society and the world of tech, because of its potential to disrupt many areas of human activity, and to define the future of humankind itself.

The shape of this future and the challenges of getting there were the topics that the Human-Level AI Conference, held in Prague on 22–25 August 2018, sought to explore, amongst a diverse group of world-leading scientists from tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Uber, as well as policy makers, academics, startup founders, and AI enthusiasts.

The Institute for Democracy 21, in partnership with the conference organisers, research and development company Good AI, conducted a poll among the conference guests.

What would you do with an extra eight hours a day if your needs were met and you had a guaranteed income? What duties should never be granted to AI? What global problems should we attempt to tackle using AI?

These were some of the issues we asked this expert audience to prioritise, aiming to contribute to the conversation on a safe and beneficial AI with respect to the values ​​of a progressive democratic society.