First international intern completed program

The Institute H21’s first international intern, Anna Terekhova, an undergraduate business student from the American University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), completed her internship programme in October 30.

Anna, a Management Information Systems major in AUS’s School of Business Administration, began her internship June 1, and worked on data and reports regarding IH21’s project: Prezident 21.

Anna called her internship: “A wonderful experience.” She worked on two reports thatwere based on real-world, large scale experimental studies that took place in the Czech Republic. According to Anna she has learned not only about a very unique voting method applied in these studies, but also about the cultureand the society of the Czech Republic.

Anna said the experience helped her to build on her abilities to interpret primary and secondary sources, as well as to adopt a more global perspective in her thinking.The internship, she said, gave her skills that she is going to use not only in her studies but also in her future career.

Anna worked under the supervision of Tanya Gibbs, IH21’s Chief Research Officer.