“Let's vote together and feel alright”: IFD21 was part of Jamaica's greatest conference on cannabis industry

We were thrilled to attend 3th year of a annual conference CanEx Jamaica, a unique business-to-business event that brings together top cannabis industry experts from the U.S., Canada, South and Central America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. Our founder and visionaire, Karel Janeček, was among the invited top speakers and we were pleased to organise an Opinion Poll with the attendees.

As investor, Karel Janeček is interested in the rapidly growing cannabis industry mainly for its potential to play a key role in transformation towards more equal and sustainable future society – not even mentioning its high potential for expanding human consciousness. In Montego Bay conference centre, Karel addressed a keynote speech about Janecek method for voting in politics – as political representatives will play fundamental role in deciding on the industry's near future. Consensus is needed everywhere – also in the discussion about the regulations in cannabis business field.

The conference was attended by high-profile global, regional and local cannabis experts, researchers, business professionals and policymakers, as well as representatives of local rasta community. We asked the attendees following questions to be answered using Janecek method with multiple votes and minus votes in order to prioritise key challenges, obstacles and opportunities within this specific field. The voting took place under a motto: “Let's vote together and feel alright”.

  • What in your opinion is the best legislative solution regarding consumption of THC and THC based products?
  • What are the most (least) important challenges in scaling up your Cannabis business?
  • Which of the following Cannabis industry fields do you believe are the most profitable for investment?

For this trip, IFD21 team was accompanied by Jan Storch and Patrick Kočica from xMed21 start-up supported by Karel Janeček, which focuses on extraction of cannabinoids, valuable substances in Cannabis plants, for medical purposes as well as for the use in cosmetics and elsewhere. The young company battles with Czech and European legislative obstacles and such conference opened new possibilities.

Third edition of CanEx Jamaica took place just in the vibrant times, a few moments before Canada became the first country within G8 to completely legalise Cannabis for personal use and research purposes as well as for trading. We believe that Cannabis as natural and ecological material has great potential not only in medicine, food, cosmetics or leisure, but it can also provide valuable resources to produce materials, which can replace paper or plastic in the future.

The conference was highly inspirational and Caribbean hospitality unforgettable. We can't wait to go back for meetings with members of Jamaican government, as we received warm invitations to come back and discuss further possibilities to collaborate in this beautiful region.

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